Teens Classes

Junior Program

Our Junior system is a fantastic way to get any 12-15-year-old active in martial arts. As they progress you will notice a positive difference in their self-confidence, self-respect and self-growth. Our Junior system is an add on to our Pee-wee curriculum meaning pee-wee students can integrate into the junior system rather than starting again. Newcomers are given the opportunity to develop their skills before progressing to the next grade system. The entire Goju-Ryu Karate curriculum is taught to Junior students; however, they are only tested on the fundamentals as they build strength, knowledge and confidence in their Karate skills.

The junior system teaches traditional, but practical self-defense techniques, preparing young adults for a wide range of scenarios. The fundamental aspects of the junior system are to teach these young men and women the value of avoiding conflict and the confidence to set and achieve the goals in a way that promotes a high work ethic. Juniors are eligible right for their first lesson to attended weekend training camps and seminars and participate in our annual friendship tournament. Our instructors are friendly and approachable so why not get in touch with us and get your young teens involved in an activity that benefits their mental and physical health.



Cadet Program

Cadet Karate classes are for those aged between 15-17 years of age, or for those Junior class students who have excelled in their training. The cadet system teaches the entire adults’ curriculum to its students but acknowledges that the body is still growing and developing. The aim of the system is to prepare students for adult life both physically and mentally by a train hard, train smart approach to all lessons.

Classes are generally no longer than 90 minutes and are offered numerous times through the week to avoid any conflict with and support time for school studies. Our instructors aim to supplement our cadet members higher school studies through Karate training by maintaining a high level of health and care for the body and mind. Practical self-defense techniques are paramount and included in each class and members are eligible to attend all AOGKF training camps, seminars, friendship tournaments and social events. We have seen the difference traditional karate makes in the lives of many teens and the fine young adults they become. Contact us to see how your teens can get involved.

Banner Photo by Roman Boldyrev (www.r-lerman.ca)