Stepping into the dojo is a time to reset, collect your thoughts and focus to improve yourself. Senior classes are for anyone over the age of 18. Whether you have previous martial arts experience or not, Goju-ryu Karate has something for everyone! Fitness and strength level is no issue. At your first class, our fully accredited and internationally recognised Black Belt Instructors will assess you and design a training program to help you achieve goals that you never thought were possible.

The benefits of Karate training are numerous. You will become fit, strong, flexible and confident from the workouts, as you build community and experience all that traditional Karate has to offer. Our classes are taught by instructors who have studied under Japanese and Okinawan Masters of Karate with a focus on practical self defense.

Senior students can also participate in opportunities for national and international travel. Come in to one of our many Dojo’s, speak to your local instructor, meet our members and their families and become part of our family today.


Refine your skills, build your strength and focus your mind with Traditional Karate.