Martial Arts Collective is a network of Karate dojos providing martial arts tuition to kids, teens and adults on the north side of Canberra and Yass. Classes are held in Palmerston, Gungahlin and Yass.

The style we train is Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate- a complete traditional martial art with a lineage that can be traced back over many centuries. Goju-ryu translates to 'hard & soft' style and is passed down from master to student. The grand master of our style is Sensei Morio Higanonna, a recognised cultural treasure in Japan and living legend. Goju-ryu is excellent for those seeking to improve their health and fitness of mind and body.

In our classes, students learn everything about the Goju-ryu style, from traditional warm-ups and basic skills to close quarters, long distance and ground fighting. At the heart of Karate is the kata, a series of choreographed movements in which a student uses to practice physical and mental responses to a range of real life situations.

Our classes are led by Sensei Joseph Wotton (3rd Dan Black Belt) and Sensei Vince Robinson (3rd Dan Black Belt). Each has traveled the world to train with leading instructors in this style, and are both students of Sensei Joe Roses (7th Dan Black Belt and chief instructor in Australia). All of our instructors are fully qualified, internationally recognised and insured Black Belt Karate instructors.

Kids and families across Australia are discovering Goju-ryu classes and enjoying the benefits of improved fitness, strength, co-ordination, flexibility and confidence. If you are in North Canberra or Yass, try a Karate class, and become part of a national and international network of over 75,000 Karate members across the globe.

WE SINCERELY BELIEVE that Traditional Karate has something to offer everyone and because of this we are offering trial classes to new members. Why not take a challenge and contact us or enroll today!



We are member dojos of the Australian Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Federation and the International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Federation. For more information about our style visit


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